Spousal Support

Unlike child support – which is based on four basic economic drivers – eleven factors (including economic and non-economic) are considered in determining whether spousal support should be awarded. These factors include:

– The past relations and conduct of the parties.

– The length of the marriage.

– The ability of the parties to work.

– The source of and amount of property awarded to the parties.

– The age of the parties.

– The ability of the parties to pay alimony.

– The present situation of the parties.

– The needs of the parties.

– The health of the parties.

– The prior standard of living of the parties and whether either is responsible for the support of others.

– General principles of equity.

Long term spousal support is most likely where there is a combination of a long marriage, children raised, one spouse with adequate or superior income, and the other with meager or no income and few or old unused educational resources to rely on to replace the income of the departing spouse.


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