We get several phones calls asking “Is this something I can just do myself”?

The biggest pitfall for DO-IT-YOUSELFER’S is that you don’t know what you don’t know.  Or, perhaps, you think you know something but (maybe) you are wrong.  For example, it is very common for people to presume that if their spouse has worked at AUTO COMPANY ABC that his pension is HIS.  Why? Because he told you and he’s been telling you this for years and so, you may believe that, even though it is not true.  Or, perhaps, your wife has cheated on you or your husband spends his weekend’s at the MGM and you may think this factor should count in a divorce court and then your best friend or co-worker tells you that “Michigan is a ‘no-fault’ state and such facts don’t matter”.   Well, they are right that Michigan is a ‘no fault’ state but they are WRONG that these facts don’t matter – because they do.

So family law is complex and open to interpretation and application of the law by your particular Judge.    But, there ARE cases that truly are simple:

No Children | No Assets | Short Term Marriage

1-800 DIVORCE offers a Document Preparation Service.  We will prepare your Summons, Complaint a Proof of Service, Judgment of Divorce and Record of Divorce for $799.  We will make all the copies for you and if in Oakland County, we will e-file the judgment as well.


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