Child Custody & Parenting Time

You often hear that someone has “sole” custody of a child but that is probably misleading. “Legal Custody” is the right of each parent to share decision making authority in the important decisions affecting a child – typically health and school related. Unless the parents are fundamentally unable to work together in a child’s best interest, the parties will have “joint legal custody”.

“Physical Custody” is generally defined as where the child is on a majority of overnights. Expressions like “primary physical custodian” evolve from the determination of where the child spends the majority of his/her time. That time spent with the non-primary custodial parent is known as parenting time.

The Michigan Legislature attempted to produce laws that made a mathematically equal division of parenting time the standard. That is, you start with the premise of a 50/50 relationship and work from there. Many judges in our area have that same view. The lawyers at 1800Divorce can help you navigate through these issues.


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