What Should I Bring To My First Meeting With An Attorney?

At 1800-Divorce we take pride in understanding and clearly defining each client’s goals before taking any action. Gathering reliable information is essential for obtaining the best outcome. We educate our clients on what it is we need and tips on how to gather the information themselves or by way of court orders. We work together to create a complete list of assets and liabilities so we can properly plan for the future. We often ask our clients to imagine where they want to be in six months, two years, and five years and design the case to meet those expectations. The typical request for documents includes the last three years of federal tax returns; retirement account statements and bank account statements. We ask our clients to create a realistic budget – one that allows for the realities of life – so we can begin designing the outcome of the case to meet their economic circumstances. Run your credit report (free services like Credit Karma or My Free Credit Report) to see how your spouse’s credit has affected yours. It shocks many clients when they discover that they have been turning over their income to their spouse but have no real idea about their economic well being.