Bert Tiger Whitehead IV, MBA, Esq.

Our firm was born of necessity – the legal industry hasn’t evolved to meet the needs of modern legal consumers. Recognizing this, Attorney Bert Whitehead IV, JD, MBA, started Access Legal Care, PLLC (Michigan) and Access Legal Care, LLC (Illinois). His goal? Provide top-tier legal services, with improved customer service, for 40-60% less costs than the average Michigan or Illinois law firm. We focus on areas of law that the average individual may need over his or her lifetime – family law, bankruptcy, simple estate and probate, landlord tenant issues, civil litigation, and assisting pro per litigants, among others.

From our main offices in Livonia, Michigan, and Oak Park, Illinois, our Primary Care Attorneys manage client relationships across both Michigan and Illinois. When necessary, we work with qualified independent attorneys in your county to provide local support and representation at hearings for your matter.

Our system of qualified legal counselors, streamlined processes, and extensive use of technology allows us to maximize client satisfaction, provide excellent representation, and minimize costs.


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