Bert Tiger Whitehead IV

Bert Tiger Whitehead IV, MBA, Esq.

Attorney at Law, 1-800-DIVORCE

1-800 DIVORCE understands how difficult it can be to go through a divorce. Outside of dealing with all of the life changes that you will be subjected to during this time, a divorce can also put a severe strain on your finances. This is especially true when you work with a divorce attorney that’s more concerned about getting paid than putting your needs first. 1-800 DIVORCE specializes in pairing clients with divorce lawyers and child support attorneys in the Midwest that will go above and beyond to make sure your assets are protected throughout your divorce proceedings. This business was created to provide compassionate and highly experienced legal services at competitive rates for those living in the Greater Detroit Area.

1-800 DIVORCE was founded by Bert Tiger Whitehead IV, who has over thirty years of family law experience. He is extremely dedicated to his work and remains current with Michigan divorce law so he can continue to provide the best results for his clients in mediation and court. Unlike other law firms, 1-800 DIVORCE seeks to partner with clients to give them a better understanding of what is going on during the divorce process. Your lawyer will work closely with you to create a set of goals while preparing for your divorce, and then execute a sound strategy to hit those goals. When you work with 1-800 DIVORCE, you will have the confidence to make difficult decisions during what will likely be one of the most difficult times of your life.

During a divorce, 1-800 DIVORCE will help you every single step of the way. Some divorces are cut and dry and will require little more than document preparation and separation agreements, while others could be more involve due to serious issues like child abuse, domestic violence, and paternity. 1-800 DIVORCE is equipped to handle whatever may arise during your divorce and will see to it that you get the best legal counsel possible. 1-800 DIVORCE employs smart, dedicated divorce lawyers and child support attorneys in the Midwest who have created a reputation for getting results for clients by utilizing the highest level of cooperation.

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